ITSC provides a fast, convenient and flexible networked printing service to address office printing needs. As the computing environment at HKUST composes of a wide range of operating systems and printer models, we have developed a coherent network printing environment that can support printing from different computing platforms (including Microsoft Windows, Macintosh computers, Unix workstations, etc.).


There are hundreds of networked printing devices in HKUST office areas. Some of them are hosted in ITSC central servers. To use these shared printers:

  1. Locate the printer that you want to print to and ask for the print queue and model information about that printer.

    As networked printers are scattered among office commons, rooms, laboratories …etc, you may need to ask your colleagues for the queue information for the printer. ITSC has adopted a short name for each print queue prefixed by department code, like CCL1, FOL1, EGL10.

  2. Get the connection information for that printer.

    A complete list of print queues hosted in ITSC print servers and their connection information can be found here.

  3. Connect to the printer and perform printing.

    Different client devices may have different ways to connect to network printers. Please find the common ways in Getting Started:

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Getting Started