If you are living in the Senior Staff Quarters, you can enjoy wired internet connection at home through our Staff Quarters Internet Connection services. Provision of this service is bound by the Terms and Conditions for Internet Connection for Senior Staff Quarters. Registration is not required.

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Getting Started


To connect to the service you will need:

  • A computer with an ethernet network interface and operating system (e.g. Windows Vista/7/8/10,MacOS).
  • A Cat6 or Cat5e UTP network cable.

Then, simply connect your ethernet network port to the network wall socket with the UTP network cable, and the internet connection should be ready for use.


If you experience any networking problems, send a computer problem report to cchelp@ust.hk. For problems related to the computer itself, contact the vendor/supplier.

Experienced student helpers may be able to provide on-site assistance with computer problems by special arrangement. Please note such visits may be charged at the current hourly rate for student helpers. Contact cchelp@ust.hk to find out more.