Authorized senders can send email to ALLSTAFF, ALLPG, or ALLUG mailing lists from any email tools in your desktop PC using signed email. If you have the required authorization but haven’t applied for a HKUST e-Cert, you can use the following form:

Online Form to send mail to ALLSTAFF / ALLPG / ALLUG

Use any text editing tools, such as Microsoft Word, to prepare your message, then Copy and Paste the message (limited to Internet Explorer) on to the Online Form. To include other references (e.g. PDF, MS-Word document) in your message, you can upload the required file into any of your departmental web servers and incorporate the hyperlink into the message.

Below are the usage guidelines when using the mailing lists service:

Note: Sending mail to ALLSTAFF, ALLPG and ALLUG mailing lists is strictly restricted to certain groups of HKUST staff. If you are staff member and would like to send mail to these lists, ask your Department Head or Inter-departmental Liaison Person to send an email to