ITSC develops and supports a range of useful tools to continually develop the education experience at HKUST. Key systems are highlighted below:

Student Feedback Questionnaire (ASSET)

The ASSET student feedback system provides an effective, user-friendly, custom-made online survey tool for collecting data at the end of a course to help to improve future programs and course delivery. The system supports major web browsers and iOS and Android devices. More information is available at

Asset mobile asset

 Peer Evaluation System (iPeer)

This peer-to-peer student evaluation system provides a useful platform for teaching staff to design and conduct evaluation on group projects and encourage students to participate in groupwork. It was adapted from an open-source system. Teaching staff can develop four different types of surveys: point distribution, rubrics, rating scales and commendation. Enrollment records are retrievable from the student records system and evaluation results available in an Excel file. The Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching offers regular workshops on iPeer. Visit for more information.

Learning Management System (LMES)

LMES is based on the open-source learning management system Sakai. The system makes it more straightforward for teaching staff to communicate with students, disseminate information and conduct out-of-class activities. The Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching provides regular workshops on LMES. For more details on the system, visit


Multiple Choice Marking System

This document scanner is located in the ITSC Special Facilities Area to assist users to quickly and accurately score and analyze multiple choice tests, exams and surveys. Various reports can be generated. Data may also be exported to spreadsheet or statistical software for further analysis.

Scanner Model Sekonic SR-2300 and  Sekonic SR-6500
PC Configuration Core 2 Duo E8300 / 2GB / 150GB / DVD-Rom
Operating System MS Windows XP   and   MS Windows 7
Application Software TestAnyTime v3.9
Multiple Choice Forms  Supported
  • MC1 (can be obtained from Publishing Technology Center)
  • GP2 (can be obtained from ITSC General Office)
  • A hard copy of user guide is available in ITSC Special Facilities Area.  You can also ask ITSC colleagues for assistance.
  • You may bring a USB thumb drive to store the exported data or send via email attachment.
  • You are recommended to call ITSC General Office (ext 6189) for bookings.

Qualtrics Survey System

Qualtrics is a very user-friendly survey system, helping HKUST users to conduct surveys for their researches, studies or activity evaluations, etc. Currently the system is running in pilot, if you would like to use the system, visit here.


General Purpose Survey System (Survey Tool)

Survey Tool offers a easy way for teaching and administrative staff to design their own surveys, select and distribute them to target groups, collect feedback and generate reports from the system. It has been adapted from SelectSurvey commercial software.

Note: The survey tool will be replaced by Qualtrics survey system by the end of 2015.

surveytool surveytools2
Last updated: Jun 11, 2015