After you have enrolled for two-factor authentication, the default authentication method is PUSH (send notification to your mobile) and you may simply:

  1. Invoke Pulse Secure and connect to the HKUST SSL VPN
  2. Enter your username and password as usual and click Connect
  3. Launch the Duo Mobile app with your smartphone (you have 1 minute to APPROVE the secure login request using your smartphone, before the connection will be timeout)
  4. Tap to respond the request
  5. Tap APPROVE to access the Remote VPN

    Note: If your mobile support Duo notification, you may just response to the Duo notification by tapping APPROVE and then CONFIRM.
  6. You are securely logged in.

Advanced authentication methods using 2FA

In case your smartphone does not have internet access (or your mobile is not available) and you have already setup multiple devices, you will need to specify the authentication method by appending a comma and the method after your password such as

Method Action
passcode Log in using a passcode, either generated with Duo Mobile, sent via SMS, or provided by an administrator.
Examples: "123456" or "1456789"
push Push a login request to your phone. Just review the request and tap "Approve" to log in.
sms Get a new passcode via SMS text message.
Your login attempt will fail — log in again with your new passcodes.

If you don't append anything after your password, it is equivalent to <yourpassword>,push

You can also add a number to the end of these method names if you have more than one device registered. For example, push2 will send a login request to your second phone, sms3 will text to your third phone, etc.