Satellite / Barn Printer - Mac OS X Setup Instruction

You can print to any printer in computer barn or satellite printer in the campus using your own MacOS X notebook with the following installation steps:

If you are using the Multi-function printer (B&W or Color), please follow this setup guide and skip the following steps -


  1. If you are using the SCI/Home, E2I common's printer, please download the program from our server with this link using any Mac OS X browser -
  2. Double click the downloaded file and it will be expanded automatically

  3. You will see the program “PrintQueueTool.command” appear

  4. Right click the “PrintQueueTool.command” and select “Open” from the menu

  5. You will be asked for the confirmation to open it, click “Open”


  6. Follow the menu and select the printer that you want to use

  7. After you have installed the printer and when you use it for the first time, a login dialog will appear to ask for your ITSC login & password. You can remember the password in keychain then you don’t need to login again in the next time.





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