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Satellite / Barn Printer - Linux Setup Instruction

You can print to any printer in computer barn or satellite printer in the campus using your own Linux notebook with the following installation steps:


  1. Download the program from our server with this link using any Linux download tools or browser - e.g. wget http://itscapps.ust.hk/pqueue/PrintQueueTool_linux.tgz


  2. extract the downloaded file with the command > tar zxvf PrintQueueTool_linux.tgz

  3. Run the Print Queue Tool with the command > ./PrintQueueTool.sh

  4. Follow the instruction on screen to install, un-install barn or satellite printers (e.g. Type 1 to install print queue)

  5. Select whether to install Satellite or Barn Print Queue (e.g. Type 2 to install Satellite print queue)


  6. A list of printers will be shown, select the one that you want to add to your notebook (e.g. Type 14 to install Coffee Shop - Black Duplex print queue)

  7. You will then ask for the ITSC account, enter the login & password

  8. The installation is completed

  9. If you want to un-install the print queue, you can type 2 in the main menu

  10. All installed print queue will be displayed and you can select the one you want to uninstall



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