For a smooth registration, there are some information needed.

  • Printer Model.
    e.g., HP LaserJet P4515
  • MAC/Hardware address of the printer.
    e.g., ‎00-21-86-2A-92-B2
  • Network socket of the physical location.
    e.g., RM2112, U1017
    Network socket_cropped
  • Additional information
    Some copies may have to report monthly usage to vendor.
    Please stay clear the IP of the copier and the hostname of the vendor service.

The following is an sample mail to for requesting a registration of copier:


Dear cchelp,
We would like to have the following copier connected to out network,
and the copier would need to communicate with vendor service.

Model: Konica Minolta C554e
Hardware address: 58:20:B1:4E:45:C1
Socket: RM2112, U1017
Vendor hostname: