You can record your name and other details, such as your title or extension number, to use in your greeting. This can be done through the personal verification function.

To record a personal verification
1. While logged in to Voice Messaging, press 8, 2, 9. “The personal verification is (name).” Or, “There is no name for personal verification of mailbox (number).”
2. Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone, then record your name and, if you wish, your title or extension number. Recording begins.
3. Press # to end the recording. “The personal verification is (name).”
4. When you have finished recording, you can play your name and re-record it if you wish.
To play your name, press 2. The recorded name plays.
To re-record, press 5 to record while at the beginning of your name. Record your name and press # to end the recording. The new recorded name will replace the old one.
To delete your name, press 7, 6. “Name for personal verification has been deleted for (number).”
To accept and save your settings, press 4. You return to your messages.