Your phone may have a message-waiting light or indicator to indicate new messages. When you listen to your voice mail, new messages are played first, followed by those previously played.

To play your messages
1. After logging in, listen to the mailbox summary. You hear the number of new messages you have, and if any of them are urgent.
2. Listen to the first message envelope. You hear the sender’s name, with the date and time of the message.
3. The message will start playing automatically. While the message or its envelope is playing, you can perform these functions: The message plays.
To skip back, press 1. Message playback moves back 5 seconds.
To skip forward, press 3. Message playback moves ahead 5 seconds.
To play the message faster press 2, 3;
To play the message slower press 2, 1.
If you delay pressing the 1 or 3 longer than one and a half seconds, you skip back or forward instead of changing speed.
To pause, press #; to continue press 2. Message playback stops; message playback resumes.
To go to the next message, press 6. The next message plays.
To go to the previous message, press 4. The previous message plays.
To play the message envelope press 7, 2. The message envelope plays.
To go to a specific message press 8, 6 (message number), and #. The specified message plays.
To delete a message press 7, 6. You can restore a deleted message (within the current session only) by pressing 7, 6 again. Played messages will be automatically deleted after seven days.