To request installation of new extension lines, please ask your Department’s Telephone Coordinator to send a Telephone Services Application Form to ITSC.

Available To


Service Fee

Free (exclusive of the cost to lay lines)

Service Hours

ITSC Office Hours

Getting Started

Information required for the installation:

■ User information: Department/User Name/Staff ID/Email/Post
■ Contact person information
■ Extension details :
    - Extension No.
    - Room no. and socket no./port no.
    - Features needed (e.g. IDD/Voice Mail/Caller ID Display, etc.)
■ Installation date
■ Signature of Department's Telephone Coordinator on the application form

Lead Time

  • If a pre-wired socket already exists, three days’ notice should be sufficient.
  • If there is NO pre-wired socket, a minimum of six weeks’ notice (or more) is required for conduit and wiring work by FMO and ITSC.