The following will help you to use two of the popular secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) applications, Filezilla and Secure File Transfer Client.


1. Start FileZilla


2. Enter “sftp://<hostname>” in the “Address” field (e.g. s

3. Enter “username” in the “User” field (e.g. webtest).

4. Enter “password” in the “Password” field.

5. Click “Quickconnect” to start the connection.

6. Select the required directory and move the files from “Local Site” to “Remote Site” for transfer.

Secure File Transfer Client

You can also obtain this from our Download Service. The Secure File Transfer Client is inside the Secure Shell package.

Follow the steps below to access the server through a sftp connection:

1. Start the Secure File Transfer Client inside the SSH Secure Shell group.


2. Click “Quick Connect”


3. Enter “<hostname>” in the “Host Name” field (e.g.

4. Enter “username” in the “User Name” field (e.g. webtest)

5. Click “Connect”

6. If this is the first time to connect to the host, click “Yes” to save the new host key


7. Enter the account password in the “Password” field, then click “OK”


8. Select the required directory and move the files from “Local Name” to “Remote Name” for transfer. Remember to put files under the “public_html” folder. Press “F5” to refresh the file/ directory list.