This table indicates the hotspot locations of different Wi-Fi services at HKUST campus.

Locations Available Wi-Fi Services (by SSID)
eduroam Alumni Wi-Fi.HK via HKUST
Common Areas
Artificial Turf Soccer Pitch
BBQ Sites (except SSQ BBQ Site)
Chia-Wei Woo Academic Concourse
Conference Lodge Lobby
Entrance Piazza
Escalators from Atrium to LG5
Footbridge between UG1 and UG2
G/F Main Entry to S H Ho Sports Hall
Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium
LG1031 Table Tennis Room
LG1 Open Area outside S H Ho Sports Hall
LG3 Terrace between Library and Lift 3
LG4 Student Common Room
LG5 Footbridge to UG1
LG5 Open Area outside SU Co-op Shop
LG5 Students’ Union Area
LG7 Fountain Area
North Gate Footbridge and Bus Stop
Open Auditorium (IAS)
South Gate Bus Stop
S H Ho Sports Hall
Student and Staff Clinics
Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall
University Center, including
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Music Lounge
  • Quiet Lounge
  • Staff Lounge
3/F Walkway in front of Language Commons (Between Lifts 2 & 3)
Catering Outlets
Coffee Shop (Academic Course near Lift 25-26) & Open Areas outside
Chinese Restaurant (G/F)
Can.teen II (LG1)
LSK Business Building Restaurant (G/F)
LSK Business Building Cafe Liscio (G/F)
Halal Food Counter (G/F)
McDonald (LG5)
Starbucks Coffee (Atrium)
LG7 Kitchens
UC Bistro & Uni-Bar (Lo Ka Chung University Center)
UniQue (2/F Conference Lodge)
Seafront Cafeteria (G/F UG Hall VI)
Lee Shau Kee Library
Teaching Venues
Lecture Theaters
Central Classrooms
Computer Barns A, B, C and D
Office Areas
7/F Council Chamber & Meeting Rooms (Academic Building)
G/F-6/F, LG3-LG7 Office Areas (Academic Building)
Language Commons (Academic Building)
1/F-6/F Office Areas (CYT Building)
G/F-7/F Office Areas (LSK Business Building)
G/F-5/F Office Areas (IAS)
Laboratory Areas
Enterprise Center Laboratories
G/F-7/F Laboratories (Academic Building)
Coastal Marine Lab (CML)
Wind / Wave Tunnel Facility (WWTF)
Car Park Areas
LG2-LG6 Covered Car Parks
Car Park / Grass Lawn next to WWTF
Student Halls
Undergraduate Housing (UG Hall I-IX, Jockey Club Hall)
Postgraduate Housing (University Apartments, SKCC Hall)