For security purposes, you are required to assign a password to a newly created ITSC Network Account before you can make use of any network service:

Users are also advised to change their ITSC network password periodically. To do so, simply use the link below:

Change ITSC Network Password

You can also use “Change Network Password” under myPortal.

How to Select a Secure Password

AVOID using any of the following:

  • Your name
  • Your spouse’s name
  • Names of your favorite fantasy characters
  • Anybody’s name
  • The name of the operating system you are using
  • The hostname of your computer
  • Your phone number
  • Other information that you that is easily obtainable
  • Words such as wizard, guru, gandalf, etc
  • Any username on the computer in any form (as is, capitalized, or doubled,etc)
  • A word in the English dictionary
  • A word in a foreign dictionary
  • A place
  • A proper noun
  • Passwords of all the same letter
  • Simple patterns of letters on the keyboard, like qwerty
  • Any of the above spelled backwards
  • Any of the above begining with or followed by a single digit

Good passwords are passwords that are difficult to guess. In general, good passwords:

  • Have digits as well as letters
  • Are easy to remember, so they do not have to be written down
  • Are 8-14 characters long
  • Do not use three or more sequential numeric characters
  • Do not use three or more repetitive, adjacent characters
  • Can be typed quickly, so somebody cannot follow what you type by looking over your shoulder

It’s easy to pick a good password. Here are some suggestions:

  • Put together an acronym that is special to you, such as Notfsw#1 (None Of This Fancy Stuff Works) or AUPEGC@3 (All UNIX programmers eat green cheese).