ITSC has set up a Campus Portal (namely myPortal) based on the uPortal implementation from Java Architectures Special Interest Group (JA-SIG) to enable convenient and effective communications among HKUST members. Within the Campus Portal, user can view personalized information, from a variety of sources, in one convenient place. With the infrastructure being build up, departments can develop web contents specific to their users and incorporated into this Campus Portal easily. In fact, the uPortal framework has been employed by many institutions of higher-education like Cornell University, Yale University, etc.


For both staff and students. Access to the Student Center and other services.

Staff Intranet

Common links for staff users.

With the portal technology, users can
  • Choose their preferred content.
  • Get their custom page and put it in one place.
  • Select preferred page layout, etc.

Users can login to myPortal using a valid Staff / Student ITSC Network Account.

Last updated: Jun 25, 2013