While off campus, you can use outside network services to connect to the Campus Network to read email, do assignments, and other activities. But you may need to provide user authentication as some Campus Network areas are protected for security reasons. The following are some of the protected services and the initial steps to take for access:


Point your browser to http://my.ust.hk

Email service

Browsing staff intranet

Point your browser to http://www.ust.hk/intranet and key in your username and password at the dialog box

UNIX time-sharing machines using SSH (e.g. Secure Shell)

  • Host name for staff and PG students: stf.ust.hk
  • Host name for UG students: uststu.ust.hk

Secure Remote Access

Users will need to use Secure Remote Access (SSL VPN Service) for other restricted services.

Last updated: Dec 15, 2014