Nowadays, more and more users can get Internet access outside the campus easily. The Internet access include broadband service provided by ISPs, hotel’s Internet service, network computers at business conference or other universities, etc. The users may make use of such network services to connect back to our campus network for reading mails or bulletin board news, doing assignments, checking information in their accounts and so on.

For security reason, some of our network services are protected against outside campus access and user authentication is required for these types of services. The following lists some common services of the mentioned nature, and outlines the steps to access the services:

  1. Access to myPortal
  2. E-mail Service
  3. Browsing Staff Intranet
  4. Connect to UNIX time-sharing machines using SSH application (e.g. Secure Shell)
    • Host name for staff and PG students:
    • Host name for UG students:
Last updated: Jan 2, 2014