You can transfer your personal home pages from a local PC to, the personal home page server, by using FileZilla file transfer software with normal FTP or FTP over explicit TLS/SSL (secured).

1. Start FileZilla.


2. In the “File” menu, select “Site Manager”
3. In the “Site Manager” window, click “New Site”, then enter:

Profile Name: (e.g.iHome Web Server)
Host: (
Servertype: “FTPES-FTP over explicit TLS/SSL”
Logontype: Interactive
User: (e.g.cctest)


4. Click “Connect” and enter your password


When the connection is made, you can start to transfer files. More information can be found here.

Set file permission

In case you need to set up file permissions for executables, e.g. a php program

1. Right click on the required file and select File Permissions…


2. Change the file attributes, e.g. 744​