Enable Your Account

Use iHome – Personal Settings below to enable the service Please read the Personal Home Page Guidelines before enabling the service.

HKUST iHome Service: Personal Settings

Once enabled, you can transfer your personal home pages to the ihome.ust.hk server. A separate webspace with access rights will be created for you and a FTP service enabled to allow you to transfer webpages as below:


The generic URL for a user’s iHome homepage is illustrated below. Please note that the web server will look for the default file index.html under your web space if no file name is specified in the URL.


For example, user “ccdemo”‘s home page on the iHome server is:


NB: For greater protection of your web space, the server disables your directory listing by default if there is no index.html. The server will also return a “Forbidden” message. Don’t treat this as an error. You are required to create an index.html file.

Disable Your Account

You can disable your iHome service if you don’t want anyone to access your home page. Go to the following link to disable your account:

HKUST iHome Service: Personal Settings

However, no files or directories will be deleted in your web space. This means you can still use the FTP to connect to your account and manage your files. Once you enable the service again, your web page will reappear.