After students have enrolled for two-factor authentication, you will need to login using your Account / Password and then use your device to verify your identity:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Account / Password and click Sign In
  3. Click Send Me a Push when prompted (there is no security prompt if you have check "Remember me for 21 days" when you sign in using the same web browser within 21 days, recommended to use this setting on your own PC)

  4. Launch the Duo Mobile app with your smartphone (you have 1 minute to APPROVE the secure login request using your smartphone, before the connection will be timeout)
  5. Tap to respond the request
  6. Tap APPROVE to access Outlook Web App

    Note: If your mobile support Duo notification, you may just response to the Duo notification by tapping APPROVE and then CONFIRM.
  7. You are securely logged in.