Account Application

User has to apply for an account to access the HPC1 Cluster. ¬†All applications must be sponsored by a principal investigator (PI), a faculty of the university. The PI needs to apply for an account too if he/she would like to access the cluster. User can email to with subject line “HPC1 Account Application” and provide the following information in the mail.

Full Name:
ITSC Account Name:
HKUST Status: (Staff/PG/UG)
Principal Investigator:
Principal Investigator Email:
Project Name:
Project Description: (In brief)
Software used:
Expiry Date of the Cluster Account: (The default is 2 years.)

The HPC1 cluster user account name will be the same as the ITSC network account but with the different password.


If you have questions for the cluster, please email to .

Last updated: Sep 4, 2014