The HPC1 cluster is designed to cater for CPU-intensive computational jobs. It is open to all approved university researchers but School of Science users have higher access priority.

Account Application

User has to apply for an account to access the HPC1 Cluster. ¬†All applications must be sponsored by a principal investigator (PI), a faculty of the university. The PI needs to apply for an account too if he/she would like to access the cluster. User can email to with subject line “HPC1 Account Application” and c.c to the PI and provide the following information in the mail.

Full Name:
ITSC Account Name:
HKUST Status: (Staff/PG/UG)
Principal Investigator:
Principal Investigator Email:
Project Name:
Project Description: (In brief)
Software used:
Expiry Date of the Cluster Account: (The default is 2 years.)

The HPC1 cluster user account name will be the same as the ITSC network account but with the different password.

Users are responsible for the licenses and copyright of the software they install in the cluster.


If you have questions for the cluster, please email to .

Last updated: Apr 15, 2015