At the beginning of each new academic year, a print budget of HK$120 will be assigned to you. The amount deducted from your account for every page you print is as follows:

Type A4 Charge A3 Charge
Black Simplex $0.3 $0.6
Black Duplex $0.5 $1.0
Color Simplex $2.0 $3.0
Color Duplex $3.3 $5.0


You can use the print budget enquiry program to check your balance, and obtain a detailed statement showing the date and time of print job, print queue, type of document, and the budget amount of deducted. 50% of the unused budget will be carried forward to the next academic year until your account expires.

How to Top Up Your Print Budget - Purchase Print Budget

You can increase your print budget by purchasing via HKUST card or Visa/Mastercard payment. Purchased print budget amounts will NOT be reset at the beginning of each academic year, and can be carried forward (but are non-refundable) until your account expires.

The increased print budget will be ready right after being added but you will need to switch default charging from your assigned print budget to the purchased print budget before you can use it. This can be done via the print budget enquiry program

Note: You can change the print budget to be charged via the print budget enquiry program any time BEFORE you print.